OpenCV logo on the present box near the Cristmas tree

Right before the Christmas and New Year holidays, we are glad to present the latest and the greatest OpenCV 3.4.

What's new

  • Further improvements in the DNN module include faster R-CNN support, Javascript bindings and acceleration of OpenCL implementation.
  • We've implemented a disk cache and manual loading for precompiled OpenCL kernel binaries, it can greatly reduce initialization time of many applications and allow to run OpenCL implementations on embedded platforms without JIT compiler.
  • One more bit-exact algorithm has been implemented. New 8-bit bilinear resize will lay stable base for complex computer vision pipelines across variety of platforms.
  • One more GSoC project has been integrated - it adds implementations of new background subtraction algorithms.
  • ~250 patches have been merged since OpenCV 3.3.1 and over 200 issues have been closed

More details about the changes and new functionality in OpenCV 3.4 can be found at


Here is the list of contributors, based on git logs:


Alexander Alekhin, Dmitry Kurtaev, Maksim Shabunin, Li Peng, elenagvo, Vitaly Tuzov, Suleyman TURKMEN, catree, Tomoaki Teshima, Sayed Adel, LaurentBerger, Vladislav Sovrasov, Wu Zhiwen, Pavel Rojtberg, Rostislav Vasilikhin, Vadim Pisarevsky, tribta, Bhanudutta, Fakabbir Amin, Mattia Rizzolo, Ryan Fox, Shinya Ishikawa, berak, dtmoodie, Akhilesh Kumar, Alexander Nesterov, Alexander Rybnikov, Amro, Andrey Smorodov, Arthur Pastel, Cartucho, Christof Kaufmann, David Geldreich, Elena Gvozdeva, Florian Echtler, Hamdi Sahloul, Haritha, Iago Suárez, Igor Wodiany, Ivan Pozdeev, Jacob MacRitchie, James Perkins, Jcrist99, Jiri Horner, Jonathan Viney, Juha Reunanen, KUANG Fangjun, Mikhail Paulyshka, Muhammad Abdullah, Nickola, Pushkal Katara, Riyuzakii, Roman Cattaneo, Shresth Verma, Simon Guo, Wei Hao, Wu, Zhiwen, alessandro faria, gdkessler, klchang, woody.chow, wxzs5, zhijackchen, zhongwuzw


sghoshcvc, Vladislav Sovrasov, Alexander Alekhin, Vitaly Tuzov, berak, Hamdi Sahloul, Maksim Shabunin, Pavel Rojtberg, Suman Ghosh, LaurentBerger, Leonardo Brás, Suleyman TURKMEN, Adam Gradzki, Anup Parikh, Dmitry Kurtaev, Egor Pugin, Leonardo lontra, Oleg Kalachev, Vladislav Samsonov, cDc, fiammante, klchang, kurnianggoro, kushalvyaskv, sukhad-app




Win pack

iOS pack

Android pack

Sincerely yours and with the best wishes to you for 2018,
OpenCV dev team